The Turquoise Room / Affirm Design Studio

The Turquoise arches at the Turquoise Room near Chandigarh by Affirm Design Studio.

Project Name : The Turquoise Room
Project Location : TDI Business centre, Mohali, Punjab, India
Project size : 700 sq. ft.
Architects/Designer : Affirm Design Studio, Jalandhar
Project Status : Built
Website : www.affirmdesigntudio.com/
Instagram : @affirm.design.studio

Text description by the Architects.

A Fashion Studio based out of Mohali. We call it the Turquoise Room. The inspiration behind the design is that of Rajputana Palaces known for their grandeur and royalty. This space hence provides the same window of grandeur and subtlety to showcase this Designer’s Work of Art.

This space houses the Display Arena at the front showcasing the fabrics, dresses and accessories designed by the designer and the workshop at the back totalling around 700 Sq.ft. of Area. The display arena covers around 400 Sq.ft. and the backend workshop covers 300 Sq.ft. The showcase area is divided in to 6 arched windows and 2 small rectangular windows at both sides of the space, hence visually balancing each other. These windows can display at least 50 designer dresses at a time. There is a separate fabric section and a Trial Room as well.

The Color Palette of this space represents the emotion of vibrant glamour that prevails in the fashion industry. This turquoise color with a raw and rustic texture used around the Arched Display Windows playing in contrast with the white and greys around it surrounding the dresses designed and created by the Designer.

The details are the key component of this design as it is in the Palaces of Rajasthan. Starting with the symmetry and fineness of the Arches in the turquoise color, the mouldings surrounding the Arches and highlighting the corners in grey color, the color contrasts between turquoise, grey and white, the brushed brass hardware and the Backlighting that highlights the display windows. The brass and grey color patterned floor tiles run through to the display windows as a background to the dresses. These tiles tie the whole space together and putting the place in a rich and vibrant setting. The contrast colored doors is detailed very finely in with mouldings designed in a pattern and they sit very royally in space.

The space is vibrant and of grandeur nature. This is precisely the intent and emotion that is displayed in the dresses of the designer. The space and the dresses hence are in total with each other, which completes our goal as designers.

Photographer: Anirudh Datta.


Architecture / Interior Design: Affirm Design Studio

Principal Architects: Gunveet Singh and Paramjit Singh

Client : Mrs. Chitwan Bagga

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