Apartment New York / Reutov Design

This New York Apartment is a blend of bold textures, colours and shapes creating a colourful taste for life.

Project Name : Apartment New York
Project Location : New York, USA
Project size : 155 sq. m.
Architects/Designer : Reutov Design
Project Status : Built

Text description by the designers. 

The owners of the apartment are a young couple that completely entrusted me with the design of the apartments. They liked my non-standard approach to design. Having taken this project, I decided to create a bold project that will give you the opportunity to forget about the hard everyday life and help you take a break from the noisy metropolis. Light, gentle, slightly heady interior. Terracotta-pink walls add originality to the entire design.

The abundance of rich natural green shades has created a truly ultra-modern and unique interior. Transferring us to the southern countries. Filling the air with the smell of flowers and making the apartment tasty not only for the eyes, but also for life. Creating this project I was inspired by the natural colours of nature, especially Mexico.

The traditional architectural elements of Mexico with its bright colours. I wanted to convey the feeling of the southern sun and natural colours. To the interior was filled with the smell of flowers and natural colours in a modern creative interpretation. One of the important elements in the interior is a cactus. This is a cosmic plant with a unique design.

There is not a single cactus. Each has its own shape, shade. In a creative interpretation, I depicted a cactus in the form of columns. They are of different colours and shapes. They are located chaotically and in the most unpredictable places like cacti in a natural landscape. I believe that nature creates a truly extraordinary design. It works skillfully with textures, colours and shapes. And creates only a unique design. With which we must coexist in harmony.

Photographer: Reutov Dmitry, Gerner Ekaterina.


Interior Design: Reutov Design.

Design Team: Gerner Ekaterina, Reutova Marina.

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