Pakhaniyil Residence / Nufail Shabana Architects

This Earthy Ethnic Abode in Kerala recreates an ethnic feel to a modern day house.

Project Name : Pakhaniyil Residence
Project Location : Chemmad, Kerala, India
Project size : 5300 sq. ft.
Architects/DesignerNufail Shabana Architects
Project Status : Built
Instagram : @nufailshabana.architects

Text description by the architects. 

A modern ethnic abode designed in chembad, kerala 4kms within the main town with lush greenery around is a clear attempt to recreate an ethnic feel to a modern day house. The design intent revolves around the crisp and clear lines used throughout the house in the elevation and interior spaces . The ethnic theme used throughout the house is evident in the kota stone used for flooring to the mud texture, the colours used in the partition, light fixtures and metal used in handrails and partitions ,the wood used in ceiling and handrails.

The house has been designed with 5 beds ,a spacious living ,dining area abutting a dry courtyard and a family living space with an extended spacious deck area. The kitchen block has been placed on the north east side of the plot  and accessible  from the adjacent paternal home . The modern ethnic feel throughout the house is created using rustic materials like bamboo, wood, jute. The coloured glass plays an important role to create loud spaces with natural light filtering through the skylight and bamboo screening.

Salient features of the project – 1.The lengthy 22m long sit out slab  increasing the horizontality of the elevation for a seemingly linear house and serves as a meeting place for the client and family  as an evening retreat space. 2.The exposed concrete finish of the house adding to the ethnic theme of the residence. 3.Features like bamboo screening on the west  side of the residence ,buffer zones added to the dining and deck area ,the buffer zone created at the roof level to  drain out the heat accumulated throughout the daytime.

Spatial Experience. From the long sit out to the pantry space within ,every space has been treated with subtle colours, tinted glass and ample sunlight to create a cozy feel within the interior. The wooden accent in the ceiling adds to the feel of space. Clean and clear lines are visible throughout the house and adds to the clarity of space. The buffers used throughout the house to reduce the heat inside the house.

Buffer 1. 3 m canopy for the sit-out on the west side .The projected slab in front of sit-out ,living room and dining acts as buffer and protects the west facing walls .Planting in the courtyard around the sit-out area acts as a screen Buffer 2. The deck space on the south side acts as a buffer to the family living area Buffer 3. Bamboo screening on the west side acts as a buffer to bring in filtered light through the windows on west. Buffer 4. Planning the prayer and toilets on the north side as a buffer done  around the house to  reduce direct exposure of walls to  sunlight.  Buffer 5. Thick planting on the east side acts as a buffer. The existing thick and tall plants on the east side protects the walls facing the rear yard. The  vegetation in the neighboring plot at the rear is an added advantage to the house

Buffer 6. Industrial roof over the concrete slab makes a cavity and ventilator wind fans suck out hot air. The concrete roof is treated with cera coolant admixtures to reduce heat .The wind ventilator fans ease the hot air to be flushed out naturally. The louvers placed over the parapet on the south side and north side of the house keeps the buffer zone below the industrial roof airy. The residence has a varied palette of materials ranging from cota stone to exposed concrete texture, jute fabric, rattan inlay, colored glass and wooden frames  and scrap wood available and mud finish on walls.

Photographer: Justin Sebastian.


Architecture: Nufail Shabana Architects

Architect In Charge: Nufail and Shabana

Design Team: Nufail Shabana Architects

Clients: Mr.Shameem and Mrs.Shakeela Shameem

Engineering: Indraneelam constructions,calicut

Landscape: Ar.Anish Nair

Structural Consultants: Faizal associates, calicut

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