Frangipani 14 / FADD Studio

This holiday home near Bangalore experiments zen and tropical interiors along with its grey exterior and Prussian blue columns.

Project Name : Frangipani 14
Project Location : Hosur, Karnataka, India
Project size : 930 sq. m.
Interior Designer : FADD Studio
Project Status : Built
Instagram : @faddstudio

Text description by the architects. 

The 10,000 sq.ft. home, built on 27,000 sq.ft. of land gets a new and bold interior palette by FADD STUDIO that has been landscaped using zen and tropical elements. The clients bought this as a holiday home. They are well traveled and more broad minded than most. In it, they wanted international sensibility paired with quirkiness and a place that provided a canvas for experimentation;

Set inside a tropical and lush gated community, this holiday home is unassuming with its grey exterior and Prussian blue columns. In contrast to the understated exterior, the inside of the home is a burst of boldness and drama. A meticulously detailed geometry of vibrant blue, soft peach and muted grey Bharat Floor tiles imparts a chic and rhythmic energy to the space. The geometry continues into the ceiling that is composed of thin slatted pinewood and it curves at the passage leading to the far side of the house. Doors are concealed, only seen by the handle to give an uninterrupted feel to the passage.

In the living room, a fascinating lamp composed of an umbrella perched above a chandelier and balanced by a boxing bag – designed by Philip Stark, quizzically anchors the main living set up. The open kitchen and dining are in shades of greys and blues. The openness of the whole space is perfect for viewing the piece de resistance, a ceramic installation by Vinod Daroz,

In the guest bedrooms the palettes are soft and wintery; the master is grand yet minimal with brass highlights and the sons is blue and black. All bathrooms are lavish and the master especially, is fit for royalty. The beauty of this house is that every room opens into greenery. Needless to say, this house truly marries the desire of a luxurious home in the midst of nothingness with creature comforts and design gratification.

Photographer: Gokul Rao Kadam.


Interior Design by FADD Studio, Mumbai

Principal Designers: Dhaval Shellugar, Farah Ahmed

Design Team: Siddharth, Rishika, Dheeraj, Dhaval Shellugar, Farah Ahmed

Architecture/Structure of Frangipani Villas : Dutta Kannan & Partners

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