DE May – June 2020 Edition



With this issue Design Essentia launches its third edition for the year 2020.

DE introduces its special “IN QUARANTINE” edition – spreading hope in this pandemic. This edition’s theme is “Rebooting at Home”.

In the current difficult days, everyone is home hoping that when will this crises get over. This issue in this quarantine is about spreading hope, sharing happiness and living the moment at home. Today is the time for Rebooting and Rethinking.

What will be the future of architecture and design post pandemic? Do we need to rethink where we went wrong? And What does our future behold for the mankind and the planet? Some questions that might cross our mind these days.

DE spotlight includes special a conversation with renowned architect Sanjay Puri from Mumbai, India. Also sharing with our audience an inspiring interview with two acclaimed international architects – Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas – founders at Studio Fuksas, Italy. Sharing their thoughts on architecture post COVID-19 and their message of hope in this crises.

On Cover with Rebooting at Home with art is Montreal, Canada based Artist Callen Schaub, who shares his art story with DE. Various architects and designers from the country also share their message of hope in this pandemic. From interviewing and showcasing the top trendsetters in the design guild to introducing the new young talents of the country, this edition showcases the best in trends and tips to follow.


So, let’s celebrate design, let’s celebrate life. Let’s rethink a better future. And yes;

Lets “HOPE” for the best. As this too shall pass!!


Stay Safe , Stay Strong & Happy Reading!!

Check out the magazine on online flip book here: DE JAN – FEB 2020 EDITION//DE INDIA

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