Zang Zhoujie’s digital chairs at Design Shanghai, 2018

The Endless Form Digital chair series by Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab

Project Name : Endless Form
Project Location : Shaghai, China
Designer : Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab
Project Status : Built
Website : www.zhangzhoujie.com/
Instagram : @zhangzhoujiedigitallab

This year at the Design Shanghai, 2018, A pioneering digital art studio – Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab officially launched their new design brand Endless Form®, presenting a series of disruptive and revolutionary digital furniture products. The Design Shanghai took place from 14th to 17th of March this year at Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

Endless Form® is a groundbreaking furniture brand known for diversity and personalisation. Founded by Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab in 2014 and formally launched in 2018. These digital chairs focuses on avant-garde, high-end clients while providing a small amount of hand-made customised services to shape and promote a new direction in the digital era.

Each of Endless Form’s® products is the result of collaborative work between people and computers. “Human emotions, instincts, and needs are complementary to artificial intelligence, the former’s needs depend on the computer’s infinite calculations of the latter, ‘man-machine integration’, this future creation and production trend has been rehearsed and explored by Endless Form®,” said Zhang Zhoujie.

This exhibition was just the first stage of the official launch of the Endless Form® design brand. There is a relatively complete product mix from a diverse range of furniture categories. Without a doubt, this is only just the beginning of what’s possible.

In future, Endless Form® will continue to expand the different types of furniture and product lines available, enriching the condition of the various kinds of products, while providing a small amount of hand-made customized services. How will computers change our lives? When digital and social media technology products are updated, it will also create opportunities for daily use objects to be developed, starting with this exhibition.

Images by Endless Form, © Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab

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