Your voice in Climate Crises

Raise your voice for people and the planet.

What if communities and nature came before power and greed?

The climate breakdown is putting everyone’s present and future at risk. And those who have contributed the least to the problem are the most exposed. It’s not fair! It’s time for all of us to assert our rights, demand climate justice, and a dignified way of life, for all of us. Individuals and communities are taking action now to hold governments and corporations to account. You can make a difference.

Why now?

Rising sea levels are swallowing up islands, extreme storms are devastating communities, and each year is increasingly hotter, among many other climate related disasters. Life as we know it is at risk. Governments and corporations need to be held accountable for the climate crisis. Together, we can make them take immediate steps to protect current and future generations. From fisherfolk to farmers, youth to seniors, let’s stand together and make the world a greener, more just, and safer place.

The Solution

Every human being has fundamental rights: health, food, and safety. Governments have the obligation to protect our human rights in the face of the climate crisis. Polluting corporations are using every tactic to delay meaningful climate action. People need to hold governments and corporations accountable, to accelerate a just transition to renewable energies

It’s Time for Climate Justice

A video by Greenpeace International, an environmental activist (NGO) organisation with worldwide who wants to change the way we humans relate to nature and to each other. “We’ll dismantle the broken systems and global power structures that have failed us.”

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