Uber reveals Uber AIR – its “flying car” prototype

Uber unveils Uber AIR, its new concept for a aerial taxi service which will be a ride sharing network for the sky in future.

Uber showed off its latest “flying car” prototype concept at its second annual Elevate conference in Los Angeles.

Uber’s flying taxis aka Uber Air flying concept cars are taking off, as the transportation company looks for new ways to shorten trips made long because of distance or traffic congestion issue in todays urban scenario.

Uber AIR, Uber’s new concept aims to develop and commercially deploy air taxis by 2023. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who has been working on it for less than one year, admitted he wasn’t initially 100 percent on board for Elevate, he said at the Uber Elevate Summit.

“For me the aha moment came when I started understanding that Uber isn’t just about cars,” Khosrowshahi said. “Ultimately, where we want to go is about urban mobility and urban transport, and being a solution for the cities in which we operate.”

The aircraft design proposed for the Uber aerial taxi’s can accommodate up to four passengers. Designed with a “rider-first mentality,” and is “pedestrian friendly” due to its high propeller blades helps passengers to board and get off the aircraft easily without an obstruction.

The electric air taxi service, will be operated using the Uber app in a bid to replace cars with aerial transportation as a quicker and more environmentally friendly way to travel in densely populated urban areas in the future.

The company plans to begin operating demonstrator flights by 2020, and said it intends the service to be ready for on-demand commercial operations by 2023.

Images by © Uber

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