This bench is printed from scrap

The New Raw studio 3d prints furniture made from waste plastic for the city of Amsterdam.

Project Name : XXX bench
Project Location : Amsterdam
Designer : The New Raw Studio (print your city initiative)
Project Status : Built
Website : www.thenewraw.org/
Instagram : @the_new_raw  @printyourcity

XXX is first prototype designed and 3d printed by a Rotterdam based design studio – The New Raw. It is designed under the print your city initiative for the city of Amsterdam.

It is a bench 3d printed from the same amount of plastic waste two Amsterdammer produces every year

Print Your City! explores the concept of applying 3D printing to plastic waste, as a way to re-design urban space. As the name suggests, Print your City! is a call for action, rallying citizens to recycle household plastic waste in order to transform it into raw material for public furniture, via a 3D printing process.

The first outcome of the project, which creates a circular stream within the city, generating more engaged citizens and less CO2 emissions, is the XXX bench, a furniture piece designed for the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Print Your City! is an on-going research project initiated by The New Raw.
It was kick-started in 2016 in collaboration with Aectual as 3D Printing in the Circular City (Stimulus project of Circular City Program of AMS Institute) and supported by the Technical University of Delft, and AEB Amsterdam .

Images © The New Raw

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