The Woodhouse by Matra Architects

Matra Architects from India design a holiday home with a "pointed-peaked" roof and a himalayan panorama.

Project Name : The Woodhouse
Project Location : Satkol village, Uttarakhand, India
Architects/Designer : Matra Architects
Project Status : Built
Website : www.matra.co.in/
Instagram : @matra_architects

Amidst the Himalayan foothills, this appealing holiday hill home located in village of Satkol, Uttarakhand, India is designed by a New Delhi based architecture firm – Matra Architects.

Establishing a striking peculiarity with its form along with exposed drystone wall and local “thun” wooden cladding, the holiday home utterly corresponds to its hilly context.

The design mimics a mountain with its peaked roof profile that integrates a large skylight on its slope to maximise the daylight inside.

The materials utilised are acquired from this very region reduces the embodied energy of the project during construction. The use of such materials coupled with the insulated building envelope and square cut windows with a well lit natural exposure defines a sustainable character to the property.

The interior spaces are organised on three distinctive levels in harmony with the site contours. These spaces provide spectacular views of the neighbouring orchards and the serene town of Almora.

The entrance opens onto a kitchen installed on the highest of the three levels, further moving down through the stone steps to the lower levels of the building.

The structure includes four 14.5m span “Salwood” frames shaped by multiple glued planks & thin steel tie rods, completely supporting the entire timber roof and the building envelope including the mezzanine floor.

These truss frames behaves as the main structural element suspending the entire structure to create an unimpeded coloumn free space.

In totality the “Woodhouse” defines an amalgam of vernacular architecture with the highlights of smart modern structural elements and a quirky building profile.

Images by © Matra Architects

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