A luxury dessert store brings in a sense of contemporary luxury and nostalgia of rich Indian heritage.

Project Name : Saugaat
Project Location : New Delhi, India
Project size : 1300 sq. ft.
Architects/Designer : Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra – RMDK
Project Status : Built
Instagram : @rmdk_architects

text description by the architects.

Orchestrating a harmonious symphony of various colours, materials and textures, Saugaat in GK, Delhi brings in a sense of contemporary luxury along with the warmth and nostalgia of our rich heritage. Conceptualised by Dhruva Kalra, this luxury dessert store is carefully fashioned to exude a serene sense of vastness of space while also ensuring the products on display shine through. Special attention has been paid to each and every minute detail, especially where different materials come together to create a seamless visual treat for the store visitors.

The store is a contemporary expression of the comfort of warm personal sit-down discussions and the grace of an old-world charm, designed as an indulgence into a modern sense of elegance and luxury. A wide array of materials, colours and textures have been nimbly translated into a humble yet sumptuous ambience. A warm, neutral colour palette with bold, contemporary accent colours of Pantone Colour of the year 2020, classic blue, along with the Mughal inspired architecture elements complement the products on display; while also enhancing the warm, nostalgic and homely vibe of the space.

Functionally divided into three zones – casual browsing, feature display and premium display; a strong design language ties the entire space together. The minimal wooden ceiling rafters along the casual browsing surround and bring focus to the extravagant geometric patterned ceiling in the premium display and the subtle vaulted ceiling in the feature display, defining the three major zones and circulation patterns within the store.

The feature display acts as a stand-alone focal point, framing views of the entire store through the minimal arches, creating an interesting play of displays. Its central bare skeleton arches in chic metal finishes contrast with the raw cement textured, backlit arched wall displays in warm grey, playing with the visual volumetric, creating a sense of fluidity while giving the space a modern edge. The chequered black and white luxurious marble flooring in this section creates a further contrast to the otherwise mono-striped flooring, creating more experiential intrigue.

Inspired by traditional motifs, the ceiling in the premium display has been reinterpreted into a clean geometric pattern, with artistic mirrors, a minimal bespoke chandelier in gold metallic finishing, and focus lights, that adds a nostalgic touch within a modern context. The rustic brown ceiling is well complemented with the rough-cut wooden grains and the indulgent display wallpaper in dull gold. Following a minimal silhouette of the arched displays with brackets, the windows are designed to act as a display themselves, thus making the

The focus on the linearity and spaciousness along with the avant-garde uplighter wall bracket lights on the columns, the statement chandeliers in metallic finishes, and the chic bespoke furniture in classic blue, white and gold add a chic glamour to the space. The glass door with metal studded frame and brass finish, the artistic mirror in wooden frame, the bespoke wooden storage, and the intricately detailed bathroom with colourful geometric highlighter tiles and luxurious fittings create a mutedly lavish and graceful retail experience.

Aimed at creating a tangible and tactile translation of the brand’s ideology in a simple, contemporary language for a global appeal, Saugaat is a highly detailed design that brings together fresh ideas to create an elegant retail experience.

Photographer: Sushil Chaudhary.


Interior Design: Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra – RMDK, New Delhi

Project Head: Dhruva Kalra

Team Members: Faizal Yaseen

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