Park Tower West Project / Andrés Aybar

Interior Designer Andrés Aybar presents His Take On The Mid-Century Modern Style.

Andrés Aybar & Lisette Polanco (El Estudio Store)
Bedroom's Sunbath Space

Featuring eleven years of experience in the interior design industry, the interior designer from the Dominican Republic, Andrés Augusto Aybar, does not limit himself to a single design style or a specific period. He is someone who knows how to materialize his ideas and uses his creativity mixing elements that he likes, thus achieving the best possible designs. After getting some experience as an interior designer in Barcelona and Miami, Andrés decided to found his own design practice, called El Estudio Interiores, a firm that is dedicated to create unique commercial and residential spaces.

Park Tower West is the first design project created completely by El Estudio Store, where more than 30 naked substitutes from around the world intervened. All of the mid-century modern interiors were careful though, by the renowned designer Andrés Augusto Ayber, that managed to combine a unique collection of products from the world’s exclusive design firms, such as Essential Home, Bosa, CC-Tapis, Dooq, Bomma, Brokis, among others.

Grand Hall with Anthony Sideboard
The Blue Room With Hudson Armchair

Just a few steps ago is the magnificent grand hall with a beautiful lighting statement piece in the middle that captures all of the attention. Standing next to this beautiful combination of lighting and furniture design is Essential Home’s Anthony Sideboard along with Kelly Wearstler’s “Forma” lighting. This is space is the big entrance for one colorful living room design in this unique residential project that is considered to be the statement of the entire design.

Recognized as “The Vibrant Room” by Andrés Ayber, this beautiful living room project combines a unique and cheerful color palette with some trendy furniture pieces that have a great personality. Inspired by the energetic vibes of the 20s, the “mid-century” design style of this interior design vibrates, both for its shapes, its geometric tapestry, and its solid explosion of colors, making sure that every corner has a warm charm of the time.

Featuring an open space flow with a panoramic view of the Parque Mirador Sur de Santo Domingo, this living room project has its own private corner called the “Blue Room” for more intimate moments. Just like the name says, this smaller living room project turns around the classic blue color palette, from the walls to the beautiful Mansfield Armchair by Essential Home on the reading corner, that is later combined with some bright pop of colors bring the space some life. The bright mustard colors of Essential Home’s Hudson armchairs add some light into the design bringing a casual and comfortable style and making it more beautiful and trendier than ever.

The Blue Room with Hudson Armchair

Inspired by those 50-year-old hotel suites, the unique mid-century bed design by Essential Home is complemented with two beautiful armchairs (also upholstered in velvet) called Ellen. These unique pieces feature a modern tub design, with a mix of the contemporary and mid-century style. However, the interior design project is elevated to the ultra-luxury stand when Andrés decided to incorporate a charming sunbath space with a view of the park and the sea, where all eyes go to the iconic Elle dining chair by Essential Home. This home project truly elevates the residential industry to a level that we haven’t seen before.

Entrance Hall
Bedroom With Sophia Bed
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