Nisarg / Nirmanam Design Studio

Nisarg, a cheerful, throbbing, energetic and vibrant space by Nirmanam Design Studio.

Project Name : Nisarg
Project Location : Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Project size : 1250 sq. ft.
Architects/Designer : Nirmanam Design Studio
Project Status : Built

Text description by the architects.

This 1250 sq.ft. apartment encompasses a residence for 3 generations. The space required a complete make-over. We embarked upon this journey with the aim of transforming a dim-lit, mundane and a basic 3 BHK apartment, into a cheerful, throbbing, energetic and vibrant space.

The clients, a traditional Marwadi Jain family, had a very clear brief in mind- they wanted a modern, minimal, contemporary and most importantly- an easy tot maintain space, that was opulent and yet within the realms of their budget. Once at home after a busy day, the family wanted to be oblivious of the city chaos.

In order for the space to foster calmness and serenity in our mind, it has to functional and easy to use. The minimalistic approach was adopted to eliminate the mess and reduce to the essentials in a given space. We wanted to achieve a vibe that was deep and liberating.

With the basic structural guideline that was provided to us by the structural engineer, we intervened just enough to carve out spaces for all the white good appliances in the kitchen. We also strategically used the beam-column grid to make the optimum use of the master bedroom space. We ensured an easy spatial flow between the spaces like living, dining and balcony area.

Deep rooted in its cultural and religious value system, the ladies in the kitchen needed a barrier from the living room. After a mind-boggling discussion and understanding their specific need, we decided to have a raised platform counter, which would hide the cooking space and yet have a visual contact. The counter façade was treated in stone and veneer. In the process, we uncovered a distinct and afresh divider element without disrupting the openness.

The living room with the adjoining balcony is the favourite spot of all the family members. The clutter-free layout allows you to float through the spaces. It is also most sought after due to the generosity of the natural light here. During the evening, the breeze from the open park side sets a perfect mood for unwinding after a busy day.

An entire white PU coated furniture with teal upholstery and yellow chairs in the study room gives it a fresh, buoyant and young look. The caricatures on the glass were designed to give it a personalised touch. There are no qualms now in going back and forth while deciding on that perfect caricature as that made the kids gleam with joy. It serves the twin purpose of using it as a note-down board as well as giving it the accent that it much deserved.

The master bedroom was kept controlled with the use of veneer and white PU coated furniture to exude rich elegance. The entire bed-back wall is done in veneer with grooves, with the horizontal lines of beige honey-comb blinds complimenting the panelling. The bed is lined with metallic composite leather. The wardrobe shutters are infused with a rich beige and white fabric. The master bathroom is blue and ivory rustic tile with laser cut pattern. The bathroom cabinets are commensurate with the size of the bathrooms.

The kids bedroom accommodates wardrobes, an alcove with a seating space with storage beneath, bed with storage. The wall above the bed back is again customised with various self- motivational words, with “I AM” taking the center space. A customised roller blind with the pictures of them printed on it adores the window.

All the bathrooms were meticulously designed to carve out wet and dry spaces. Mirrors were customised and vanities were designed to take care of all the storage that needs to go there.

Photographer: Darshan Dave.


Interior Design: Nirmanam Design Studio, Vadodara.

Design Team: Darshana Vora and Bhargav Pancholi.

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