Ksheer Sagar, A Varanasi inspired analogous color palette based retail design by RMDK, New Delhi.

Project Name : Ksheer Sagar
Project Location : New Delhi, India
Project size :2070 sq. ft
Architects/Designer : Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra – RMDK
Project Status : Built
Website : www.rmdk.in/
Instagram : @rmdk_architects

text description by the architects.

Being a well-established and highly trusted brand, originally housed within the busy lanes of the ancient city of Varanasi, Ksheer Sagar wanted to mark its presence as a heady mix of cultural and culinary heritage for its first outlet in a metropolitan city like Delhi. This changing identity called for strategic planning and design to create a modern, innovative and futuristic yet sustainable fashion.

Deeply rooted in heritage, the store is designed as an elegant indulgence into the old-world charm. A wide array of materials, colors and textures have been nimbly translated into a humble yet luxurious ambience. A Varanasi inspired analogous color palette and use of naturally sourced materials complement the products on display while also adding warmth and a homely comfort to the space. Ksheer Sagar truly celebrates the quirks of a luxurious international retail experience brought together in an Indian context to perfectly reflect the changing taste and face of a younger India.

The store is a contemporary interpretation of the Varanasi’s rich architectural and spiritual heritage. Designed with the aim of recreating the sense of an experiential journey in and out of the inner sanctums of religious spaces, along with the joy of discovering hidden gems within the streets of Varanasi, the store is designed as a shop within a shop. There is a sleek floating display enclosure in colored glass and brass created within the store to create the same sense of discovery and passage.

The traditional jaali motif has been reinterpreted into a clean geometric pattern for the chic metal ceiling panel, adding a nostalgic touch within a modern context. The patterned floor tiles, also a derivative of traditional Indian motifs, highlight the feature display area to create a strong visual harmony by bringing out a strong contrast amongst otherwise very solid and minimal surfaces. The avant-garde light fixtures in beaten brass along with the minimal brass display systems are throwback to the traditional vessels used in the ancient city of Varanasi.

The walls in exposed brickwork along with rough cut wooden display and ceiling paneling create a unique, welcoming, somber ambience. The predominant color palette of red and white further add a simple, yet bold streak of warmth to the interiors. The red colour is an interpretation of religious paraphernalia like Kumkum (vermillion) used in the ancient temples of Varanasi, while the white helps tone down and balance the intensity of red. The focus on the linearity, spaciousness and the seamless transition of each material along with a perfectly controlled lighting spectrum create a mutedly lavish and graceful retail experience.

Aimed at reimagining the brand’s heritage in a simple, contemporary language for a global appeal, Ksheer Sagar finds a perfect balance between the old and the new to create a rich new precedent in the contemporary luxury.

Photographer: Vibhor Yadav.


Interior Design: Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra – RMDK
Project Head: Aarushi Kalra and Dhruva Kalra
Design Team: Soni Rawat

Display & Refrigeration: Climaire

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