FIFISH P3 underwater robot

FIFISH P3 underwater drone unveiled this year at CES 2018 winning the CES innovation award.

Project Name : FIFISH P3
Designer : Shenzhen Qysea Technology Co. LTD.
Project Status : Built
Website : www.qysea.com/Product/FIFISHP3/index.html/
Instagram : @qysea

At this year’s CES, FIFISH P3 by Qysea Technology was honored with an Innovation Award. FIFISH P3 is the first truly professional underwater robot of Shenzhen QYSEA Technology Co., LTD, that takes underwater drone exploration to a whole new level.
It has been dedicated to provide truly professional underwater drone for shooting enthusiast & underwater sports manics to explore the ocean.

With multiple independent R&D key technologies and cutting-edge algorithm including front-end component design, underwater drone system, videos, pictures and data collecting, cloud processing to terminal application, FIFISH is committed to providing product and technology solution for organisation & customer by connecting social media, content platform with constant innovative technology.

Designed by a top team of experts in computational fluid dynamics, FIFISH P3 has a 3 thruster power system that can achieve perfect underwater suspension, multiple speeds and a working depth of up to 100 meters. A healthy 2 hour battery life makes dives longer for more video capture time. FIFISH P3 is perfect for divers, professional underwater photographers, and skilled hobbyists.

In addition to underwater shooting, FIFISH P3 covers a wealth of applications such as search and rescue, archaeology, dam detection, hydrological monitoring, aquarium project, tourism projects, underwater route survey, commercial photography etc. All of them have been proved with great success. So if you are a professional or and enthusiast for underwater photography you know what you need to shop asap.

Images © Qysea.

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