Ecocapsule: A self – sustainable micro home

Ecocapsule: Beatutiful, Self-sustainable mobile microhome

Project Name : Ecocapsule
Project Location : Bratislava, Slovakia
Designer : Ecocapsule Holding
Project Status : Built
Website : www.ecocapsule.sk/
Instagram : @ecocapsule.sk

Ecocapsule® is a self-sustainable, intelligent and mobile micro home, which utilises solar and wind energy. It allows people to live in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, while retaining a high level of living comfort. It can be used as a cottage, a pop-up hotel, caravan, houseboat, research station, etc.


The spheroid shape of Ecocapsule® is designed to maximize the collection of rain water and dew. The water filters consequently ensure the transformation of water from any natural source into drinking water. The design of the outer shell also minimizes energy loss. Hollow walls filled with highly efficient thermal insulation protect inhabitants from harsh environment and help achieve a performance almost on the level of a passive house. Furthermore, the unique and original design makes Ecocapsule® a piece of art that stands out in every environment.

Easy Transportation

Ecocapsule® is optimized for easy transportation. It can fit into a standard shipping container and therefore can be easily shipped globally with the lowest shipping fees possible. The custom designed trailer enables transportation of the Ecocapsule® with a passenger car, turning it into a fully functional caravan.

Photographer: Michal Chudik, © Ecocapsule Holding

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