Breathi/ng by Kengo Kuma

Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma tackles air pollution with his Origami Sculpture.

Project Name : Breath/ng
Project Location : Milan Design Week 2018
Designer : Kengo Kuma and Associates
Project Status : Built
Website : www.kkaa.co.jp/
Instagram : @kkaa_official

Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma designed a huge origami installation named Breath/ng, showcased this year at Milan Design Week 2018.

Designed for 3D experience company Dassault Systems, the sculpture is made of 175 square meters of innovative textile called the “breathing technology” made by Anemotech.

Equipped with “Nano-Molecule activated core” the installation absorbs harmful molecules and toxic particles from polluted air.
The Breath/ng artwork is capable of absorbing 90,000 cars worth of pollution.

That definitely comes handy in resolving today’s problem of a polluted urban lifestyle.

Such designs are an important start for a sustainable future that changes lives and caters to the challenges faced by society today & tomorrow by addressing climate change and reducing air pollution.

Images by © Kengo Kuma and Associates.

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