A wooden spaceship lands in Milan

The Milan Design Week 2018 encountered a wooden spaceship installation, landed at Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

Project Name : The Rubner Haus – A wooden spaceship
Project Location : Castello Sforzesco, Milan
Designer : Cesare Griffa X Paolo Scoglio (partners: Runer Haus & Istituto Europeo Di Design, Turin)
Project Status : Built
Website : www.cesaregriffa.com/   |    www.nestliving.it/
Instagram : @cesare_griffa  @nestliving  @rubnerhaus  @ied_torino

A wooden cabin a.k.a. the Rubner Haus mimicing a spaceship was presented this year at the Milan Design Week 2018. The Rubner spaceship exhibited at Castello Sforzesco in Milan at Fuori Salone 2018 is designed by italian architects Cesare Griffa and Paolo Scoglio in partnership between Rubner and Istituto Europeo Di Desgn (I.E.D.), Turin.
The project had an active involvement of the I.E.D. Master students  of Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design course in developing innovative solutions for the Rubner “Blockhaus system”.

A self-sustainable concept building completely made from wood combines parametric design and innovative bio-construction strategies and technologies to illustrate the Architecture of the Future.

This portable futuristic cabin produces its own energy resembling a self-sufficient organism capable of producing energy, food & oxygen through the renewable resource of sun necessary for the vital support of its occupants.
The spaceship uses photovoltaics integrated on its roof to produce electricity and to store it in a domestic battery for later use. The goal here is to use 100 percent self supply with clean renewable energy.

The Rubner space ship is an exemplary practical example of technological & formal research in sustainable architecture, demonstrating a traditional construction system integrated with modern design techniques.
After a great success at Milan Design Week 2018 it will take off to settle again for Expo Rubner at Kiens, so if you missed it at Milan you know where to aboard the Rubner spaceship next.

Image Courtesy by © Cesare Griffa

Construction: Rubner Haus
Design: Cesare Griffa + Paolo Scoglio
Collaborators: Davide Iannici, Gaetano Di Fede, Andrea Vissio
IED Torino, Students: Shadi Abou Samra, Gaetano Di Fede, Beatrice Feneri, Davide Iannici, Filippo La Placa, Maria Lucia Raiola, Giulia Roccasalva, Daria Taeb, Yury Gabriela Espinoza Lopez
IED Torino, Teachers: Cesare Griffa, Paolo Scoglio, Andrea Graziano, Marco Palma, Carlo Micono, Guido Zanzottera

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